Jay has the knowledge and experience to get results for Georgians.  As Commissioner, Jay will be a tireless advocate in office to fight for you and do what’s right for Georgia.

“Washington is broken and so is the healthcare system they created.  As Commissioner, I will continue to advocate for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.  At the same time, I will work to promote free market, state-based solutions to the problems that plague Georgia’s insurance market.”

  • Protecting consumers

    When you have a problem with your insurance company, Jay will be there to help.  He will put the insurance Department on an equal footing with the big insurance companies and make sure that you have someone that will look out for you.

  • Fighting insurance fraud

    Insurance Fraud costs all of us money.  Jay will make sure that criminals are prosecuted and has a history of doing so.

  • Competitive market

    Jay will work to make sure that Georgia has the most competitive insurance marketplace in the country and ensure that Georgia’s consumers have choices.