Ray Goff

Legendary UGA Coach Ray Goff Endorses Jay Florence

“I have worked with a lot of great leaders in my life, in football and in business. There is something special about a leader that you recognize the minute that you meet them. I want to tell you about another leader you need to know about; that is my friend, Jay Florence.

I have known Jay and his family for a long time. I’ve always recognized that there is something special about Jay. Jay is a Georgia boy through and through. He is honest, hardworking and you always know that he is going to do the right thing.

Jay is running to be Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner. It is a tough job and we need someone who has Jay’s character and values in this important office. I am proud to say that I am supporting Jay and I hope you will take the time to learn more about him and support him, too.”

Ray Goff endorses Jay Florence

Ray Goff photo: albanyherald.com

Ray Goff