Erick Erickson WSB Endorses Jay Florence

“I am largely staying out of statewide races, says WSB Host Erick Erickson…I’m going to play you an audio clip here that forces me to get involved in another race and should force you to get involved as well….it is about a candidate running for statewide office in Georgia. Most of you have never heard this and you need to hear this. ”

(Audio Below)

…There is a guy running against Jim Beck. His name is Jay Florence. Consider this an endorsement. I haven’t met him. I haven’t been asked for his endorsement.  I did reach out to many of my friends in the insurance industry. They think very highly of him. Many of them had not heard the Jim Beck story.  If you are just tuning in, Jim Beck was the chief of staff to the Insurance Commissioner and was fired by the Insurance Commissioner…Allowed to resign, I guess we could say.  Allowed to resign, technically, but you heard Ralph Hudgens says, “It sounds like a firing to me.”

“There you have it. You need to have this race on your radar.  You probably don’t want to vote for Jim Beck and you probably did not know this. There you have it. You can search “Jim Beck Dale Russell” online and you can go to Fox 5 Live and you can see that whole interview. It does not look good for Beck. I have friends in the Insurance Commissioner’s office, I have friends in the insurance industry. I have friends in politics and they are all starting to raise the red alert on Jim Beck…Keep this in mind as these races come up,” says Erick Erickson.